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Our Locksmiths offer a full range of domestic services. A common domestic complaint is keys either broken or stuck inside locks. We can extract broken keys and cut new ones and we also can repair or replace damaged locks. Our Locksmith can offer va ...



Our Locksmith offers numerous ways of increasing the security of your premises to the standard you require. We will go out of our way to ensure that customers are satisfied with the services supp ...



We provide a service operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We specialise in removing broken keys from locks, as well as picking and decoding locks. We are also replace transponders, bypass immobilisers as well as cutting and programming new keys. We ...

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Our Emergency Locksmiths offer a full range of emergency locksmith services, from lost or stolen key replacement to damaged lock repairs or replacement. Keys broken in locks can be extracted and new ones cut. Non- destructive entry into buildings or vehicles can be achieved without damage to your property or car. In the event of criminal activity locks can be repaired replaced or upgraded according to your requirements. Our locksmiths not only offer affordable rates but also operate on a 24/7 locksmith basis. In the case of keys lost in suspicious circumstances a replacement of locks may be required urgently to prevent the loss of property. Losing your keys anywhere except possibly your home is extremely fraught, a criminal does not require a high I.Q. to walk around pressing the lock/unlock button on your fob and watch for the flashing lights to identify your car. In this instance we strongly recommend a brief search for the keys then an immediate call to our Locksmiths in order to minimize the chance of vehicle theft. Keys that break inside a worn or damaged lock is a common problem and, as embarrassing as it sounds jamming the lock with the wrong key happens more often than people admit to, a quick response time, speedy extraction and repair or replacement of locks and ...

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