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Due to the ever increasing population in the UK the number of locksmiths has also increased. Our locksmiths have been practising this art for many years and represent many years of experience in dealing with all manner of locks new and old. The three main aims of our Locksmiths are as follows; firstly to provide a professional service from an accredited locksmith, secondly to provide a high quality of workmanship and third to provide excellent value for money.


Our Locksmiths will not typically charge you a call out fee. We also recognise the importance of the time factor for our clients, so we will always provide an honest and realistic response time when you first contact one of our locksmiths. We are equally welcoming to calls from domestic or commercial customers. Our service is not just an emergency service; we are happy to provide advice on and install locks and complete security systems for houses, hotels, offices and other commercial properties.



Our Locksmiths also strive to include periodic maintenance and repair of existing locks and security systems including access control. Re-keying and or opening of lockers cabinets as well as other speciality locks is just one more service that can be invaluable to our commercial clients. We are also happy to provide reviews which may find loopholes in your existing system or suggest upgrades due to the ever increasing technological advances.



Investment in technology is something that most of our locksmiths firmly believe in (whilst not forgetting good manual skills and abilities). To this end we have a number of locksmiths that specialise in automotive locks and systems. These specialists carry the equipment to open your car without damage and are able to provide new keys cut at the roadside including transponder keys.



Our commitment is to providing a professional service, no matter what your locksmith problem is. Our Locksmiths would rather walk away from a call without payment than provide a sub-standard amount of work.


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If any if the locksmiths on our list provide a poor service, simply let us know, and we have the ability to remove them from our list.


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