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Deactivation and Bypassing Vehicle Immobilisers in Chessington

VAG - Audi & Volkswagen

In order to cut and program new keys for these vehicles, it will be necessary to obtain a four digit pin number which is required by the immobiliser. You may expect to be able to obtain pin codes from the dealer, but in fact this is not possible. The main dealers simply do not have access and therefore cannot provide them to you.
However, all is not lost! Our Chessington auto locksmith team are able to read these at the roadside using state of the art technology. We can obtain the pin number from either the dash, the immobiliser or the ECU (if necessary). We are able to obtain the pin number every time. Our technology is 100% reliable.


Our Chessington Auto Locksmiths have integrity, and do not charge customers for work when there are cheaper alternatives to the work we do. Therefore, we do not cut keys for BMWs as we are aware that dealerships can provide factory new branded keys at a very reasonable price.
However, what they are largely unable to do is to remove broken or damaged keys from ignitions or door locks. We provide a non-destructive entry service to BMWs.

GM/Vauxhall & Opel

These vehicles have a four digit pin number in the security pass that should be supplied with the vehicle. The pin number is required to enable our Chessington auto Locksmith to gain computer access to the immobiliser before cutting any new keys for your vehicle. If you do not have this pin number then most 'locksmiths' would be stuck until you have applied for a replacement via your main dealer. This usually takes around three days and costs approx. £25 or more.
The wait and unnecessary expense can be avoided by using our auto locksmith. With our up-to-date mobile technology we are able to connect to your immobiliser at the roadside, obtain your pin number and have you mobile again in no time at all.

Toyota and Lexus

The unique nature of the security system on these makes of vehicle usually mean that a dealer will need to remove the ECU (Engine Control Unit), before they are able to provide new or replacement keys. Removing the ECU typically involves replacing the vehicle's immobiliser. This is a major piece of work for the dealer, will take many days and you will likely pay well in excess of £1000.
Our Chessington engineers have specialist equipment which enables us to link into the vehicle onboard computer in order to avoid all unnecessary work and extra expense. For your peace of mind and security, we can supply you with new keys and at the same time remove old keys from your vehicles memory so that they simply don't work if someone ever tries to use them.


These vehicles are very difficult in nature, and although we can do the work, the cost would be high that it pays simply to go to a dealer should you need new keys. However, we can supply new keys for many Sprinter and Vito vans. Additionally, we can also gain entry to your vehicle in the event that you have been locked out, and we are also able to remove broken keys from door locks and ignition barrels.

Citroen / Peugeot

Before we are able to cut keys for these vehicles, it is necessary to obtain the four digit security code - this is contained on the blue plastic card inside the handbook. Should you not have this it is possible for our equipment to obtain the code in the majority of cases. Alternatively, you should contact your dealer and obtain this code as it will be needed should you ever need new keys.


For all Renault vehicles, please contact us with your full vehicle details in order to discuss what is, and what is not possible.

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VAG - Audi & Volkswagen In order to cut and program new keys for these vehicles, it will be necessary to obtain a four digit pin number which is re ...