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Key Replacement for Lost or Broken Keys


We can replace your lost or broken keys on any Copthorne roadside, whilst you wait. Have peace of mind by calling our Copthorne Auto Locksmith if your keys have been stolen.


Our engineers are available 24 hours a day to attend anywhere in Copthorne , with NO callout fee. Our fully equipped mobile workshops have everything, plus more than 99% of dealerships in the UK, for Eeprom work, immobiliser, key cutting and programming work.




Our mobile workshops are completely fitted out with the latest technology. Having the latest technology enables us to cut and supply fully functional replacement keys; this includes vehicles fitted with transponders and ECU's, whether it's a door or ignition key (normally on cars built from 1994 and later)


In the past 20 years, vehicle manufacturers have invested millions of pounds on technology ensuring the security of your vehicle. This means that most vehicles built within the last 20 years which have a transponder chip in the vehicle's key, require the chip to be programmed into the vehicle immobiliser to enable the key to work properly. This is a skilled area of work that most garages in the UK, including main dealers, are unable to perform due to the equipment and training required. The cost of this equipment is also prohibitive for most businesses, making your local Copthorne auto locksmith a very valuable resource.

With the equipment we carry, it is possible for us to make an exact replica of your current vehicle key, including the programming of the transponder. We are also able to cut new keys from the parts of a broken one.

Losing or breaking your car key no longer needs to be a stressful experience as it can be dealt with relatively quickly.


An important part of the work that we do is to instruct vehicle immobilisers to ignore previous keys which worked with your vehicle. This means that stolen keys, or lost ones which end up in the wrong hands simply will not work - ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle.


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